How would you describe your band and style?

SpaceCat is a hip, fun, high-energy band that is best-matched with clients that want to have epic, rowdy, mind-blowing dance parties. We are all about 30 years old (give or take a few years!) so we can relate to a lot of our clients, especially those that are getting married and/or are young professionals. Musically, we offer as much variety as anyone. Whether it's elegant instrumental cocktail music, acoustic or folksy stuff, or driving the dance floor of a totally hype party with anything from Motown to hip-hop, we're going to be right at home.

How long have you been in business?

Our founding members started the band in 2007. We played our first wedding in 2010. We’ve expanded the lineup a bit over the years to bring in new instrumentation, more singers, and more fun to the performances!

How can we see you perform?

You can come hang out with us at any of our public shows, or we typically can arrange for you to stop by and see us in action at a wedding. We just need to make sure it’s OK with the clients that you pop in.

How many people are in the band?

Our primary lineup for weddings and events is a 7-piece band with 4 vocalists (3 lead - 2 male and 1 female), 2 guitars, keyboard, saxophone, bass, and drums.

Do you offer different band size options?

Yes! We can do everything from smaller acoustic shows, to our standard 6 or 7-piece lineups, to a 9-piece ensemble with a 3-piece horn section. Whatever the event calls for, we can bring a band size to match.

Are the performers on the website the ones that will be at my wedding/event?

Yes! We are not one of those “hired-gun” type bands where you hire the name but you have no idea who will actually show up to the stage on your big day. Our performers all know each other, rehearse regularly together, and have great chemistry when performing as a unit.

Can you learn songs that are important to us?

Yes, absolutely! For weddings, we will always learn your (3) standard formal dance songs if you choose to have them performed live. Beyond that we can't guarantee it but if the song is a good fit for the band we can sometimes accommodate an additional request or two. If you have more songs that you want played for your wedding or event, we can always handle requests via our included DJ service too!

Do we get to choose what songs you play?

We have no problem if you want to select some songs from our list! We typically suggest picking 10-15 of your favorites and then leaving us some room to read the crowd and pick the right songs to keep the floor packed!

How do you handle requests?

During the performance if you or your guests make requests, we’ll do our best to accommodate. Easy as that! If we know it we don't have a problem playing it for you. If we don't, at least our DJ can usually get it on during a break.

What are your power and stage space requirements?

We typically request a 20’ x 12’ space, but we’re usually able to fit into a slightly smaller footprint if needed. Power wise, we typically require a minimum of (2) standard 20-amp circuits. If we’re not familiar with your venue, we will always visit or contact them to arrange these details in advance. Or, we’d be happy to meet you there to plan and discuss together!

What PA equipment do you provide?

The sound equipment for the main stage at your wedding/event is built into the package price. We will size the sound system appropriately based on the number of guests. Additionally, we can provide extra sound systems to cover multiple locations (additional fees may apply).

Will you be too loud? I don’t want my guests to be deaf!

Well there certainly are loud bands out there! Guitarists with blasting amps and drummers that can’t keep it under control. You won’t get that with SpaceCat. We have worked at venues with sound ordinances many times, and beyond that we understand that louder doesn’t mean better. At any time if you happen to need a volume adjustment, our sound engineer will be available to immediately make any adjustment you need. Just let him know! That said, we almost never get any volume complaints!

What lighting equipment do you provide?

Included with your wedding or event package, we will provide lighting for the stage and the dance floor. We can also offer a “Concert Lighting Package” upgrade with lasers and moving heads if you want to up the lighting game for a larger scale event!

What time will you arrive for setup? What time does the band get there?

We will coordinate with the venue to arrange a time first, but the band and our sound tech typically arrive roughly 3 hours prior to the guests. We will setup all our gear, complete a full sound check (don’t ever let a band tell you they don’t need one!!) so the sound system is tuned for the room, and we’ll be quiet and ready with appropriate background music already playing when your guests walk into the room. We do not believe in musicians carting in equipment once your guests are already present. C’mon now…we can do better than that!

What do you typically wear?

We always check with our clients to make sure our attire matches the tone of any event. Typically for weddings we wear formal 3-piece suits, and a black dress for the lady. For corporate events, the attire can vary from formal, to participating in the party’s theme, to anything that suits the event.

How many hours are included in the package?

Our packages are all-inclusive and will cover your wedding or event from start to finish with zero boring downtime! For weddings, we cover the full standard reception length of 6 hours including music for cocktails, dinner, and dancing. For events, the length varies depending on what the scope of the event.

How much music do we get? Does it need to be consecutive time?

For most weddings and events, the band portion of the night includes up to 4 hours maximum of live music. This *excludes* the cocktail hour live music set if the cocktail music upgrade is added. Either way, the band performance does not have to be consecutive time! If you want an opening dance set, or to split it up some other way, that is not a problem with us.

How long are your sets and breaks?

Our sets typically range from 45-75 minutes depending on the timeline. Most often we play (3) sets with (2) 20 minute breaks, during which we play seamless DJ dance music to keep the party going. Just long enough for the band to use the restroom, get something to drink, and before you know it we’re back to it!!

Do you provide music during wedding cocktail hour?

Absolutely! Our standard reception package includes DJ music for cocktails, but we also offer several different options for upgrading to live cocktail music.

Can you provide wedding ceremony music?

Yes! We have a full ceremony package available that includes live or recorded music plus sound reinforcement.

Will you provide a Master of Ceremonies?

Yes, always! Christian is our bandleader and MC. He’ll be working with you directly throughout the planning process, and then be the familiar face behind the microphone as your MC. Alternatively, other members of the group can perform this role no problem. Our MC service is included with all of our packages and never at an extra cost to you.

Do you book multiple weddings/events on the same day?

Simple answer to this: no, we do not. One wedding or event is enough work for us for one day!!!

What happens if a band member gets sick?

In the unlikely event that a band member is suddenly too sick to perform on the morning of your wedding or event, we have a few different backup musicians who are familiar with our setlist as well as a huge extended network of professional musicians we can call to fill in.

What’s your backup plan if there’s an equipment malfunction?

First off, we use industry standard quality equipment and maintain it well, so something that would cause a catastrophic “shutdown-the-show” type situation would be very unlikely. That said, electronics are electronics…so for all of our weddings and events, we bring a backup mixing console that we have available to save us in an emergency situation.

What’s your cancellation policy?

A 25% deposit is required to confirm the band for your date. This deposit is non-refundable, but it may be extended to another date if the client reschedules and the band is available. Generally, if the client cancels within 60 days of the engagement, the client is responsible for the balance in full.

What is your price?

Our wedding and event packages can vary widely depending on many factors. Your best bet in any case is to speak to us about a tailored quote that suits your needs and budget!

Will we be charged for extras? What upgrades do you offer?

Our all-inclusive packages include everything you need for an amazing party! We do offer upgrades such as larger band lineups, add-ons like wedding ceremony and live cocktail music packages, uplighting for your banquet hall, etc – these options will come with additional charges. Visit our wedding packages or event package sections for more details on everything that’s included!

Are you properly insured?

Yes. We carry a band liability policy that provides $1MM of coverage per event. There is no additional charge for processing additional insured certifications for specific events.

Where are you located?

We are based out of the Detroit area...but we travel all over Michigan as well as to Chicago, Cleveland, and surrounding areas.

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